25 Elegant Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

Did you know that even without the luxury of a large bathroom, there are several bathroom decoration ideas for small spaces that you can use to achieve the functions as well as the looks you desire in a bathroom?

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and it has a huge impact on your day-to-day life. With a little budget and some creativity, you will be able to remodel your small bathroom using the 25 Elegant Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces listed in this article.

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25 Elegant Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

Spa up your bathroom

Experience luxury in your small spaced bathroom by adding spa-style extras like a glass shower, black tiles and, brass accessories. Scented sticks or candles also work well for a spa-themed bathroom.

Add live bathroom plants

Is going natural your way? Then this is a good one for you. Live bathroom plants not only add a greenery look to your bathroom but, also have lots of other benefits. For example, There are bathroom plants that absorb moisture while others purify the air as well as adds beauty to your bathroom.

Make Use of Your Bathroom Door

The main goal of a small bathroom is to utilize the available space. One way of achieving this is to use your bathroom door. Install some attractive door towel racks at the back of your bathroom door and use them to hang your towels and robes.

Get rid of that rug

Apart from a bath mat, you don’t need a rug for your small bathroom instead use a cheeky bathroom tile design to decorate your floor. This adds spunk to your small bathroom without taking up space.

Liven up your counter space

Use a distressed/ vintage vase and some bright blooms along with some towels and a trinket tray to make your bathroom more exciting and interesting.

Control your clutters

It is very important to keep things neat especially in a small bathroom. You wouldn’t want to have clothes lying all over the floor no matter what. This is where rolling wire laundry baskets come in handy, they are a great design choice that blends style and function. 

Think vertical

Want to make your bathroom look taller and more dramatic? Try painting vertical stripes on the bathroom walls and low bathroom ceilings. The outcome is just amazing. You will feel like you are somewhere else and not in your tiny bathroom.

Go horizontal

Horizontal paintings on your bathroom walls help to create contrast, especially where the bathroom ceiling is high and the bathroom looks tall. A great way to do this is to add long, uninterrupted horizontal planks to your bathroom to make it seem bigger and more stylish than it is.

To achieve this, use different bathroom wall ideas like wooden planks. But, you need to select the most water-resistant bathroom wood like cedar. Also, waterproof your bathroom wood to enhance its resistance, stain your bathroom wood to enhance its appearance and,  install a fan for good ventilation and, reduce mold or mildew growth.

Other cost-effective bathroom planks include; ceramic, laminate, and linoleum.

Plain/ Rustic Shelves

Install a few unsophisticated decorative bathroom shelves on the empty wall space above your toilet. Use these shelves to hold your towels, toilet paper, and decor.

Pop up the colors

Use bright colors in your small bathroom to make it look larger than it is. You do not have to use the same color for the whole bathroom space but, ensure that you maintain the same color tone for a spa-like look.  

For example, use sky blue color with white color on your bathroom to bring the feel and look of the depth of the sea for a bright bathroom design. Or, use spring green color with white color for a luxurious feel.

Place shelves high on the wall

Shelves placed high on the bathroom wall draw the eye upwards creating an illusion of big space. So, place your bathroom shelves as high on the wall as you can and use them to place your toiletries or decorations.

Accessorize your bathroom

Bathroom accessories add an extra touch to your bathrooms’ look. Go for bright-colored or natural-looking wooden bathroom accessories. Or choose stainless steel or metallic bathroom accessories should you opt for a modern bathroom look.

Try an Accent Wall

Use a bathroom wall design that differs from the rest of your rooms. You can simply use a different shade of color or choose a different design in terms of color and material. Accent walls add more color to a neutral space and make your bathroom look much bigger.

Hook it All Up!

Place decorative and practical hooks on the walls and use them to hang flower pots, towels, plugs, etc. Ensure that your bathroom hooks are strong and sturdy to let you hang all your items away from the floor and keep your bathroom tidy and spacious.

Go for a floating bathroom vanity

A bathroom vanity is a piece of bathroom cabinetry that is designed to hold the bathroom sink, conceal the associated plumbing as well as provide much-needed storage. A floating bathroom vanity plays makes a small bathroom space feel less chunky by not sitting on the floor. Additionally, a mirrored bathroom vanity creates a larger room feel and adds glamour to your bathroom.

Mirrors!...and Some More!

Mirrors can create an illusion of more space. Therefore, install a large floor-to-ceiling mirror to make your bathroom look more spacious. Bathroom mirrors also enhance the natural light in your bathroom and add a ton of designs to the bathroom walls. 

You can also try using the folded corner mirrors for an awesome outcome.

Use Tall and Narrow cabinets

Create some extra storage space by finding a spot where you can place some tall bathroom cabinets. You probably won’t need tons of storage space therefore, a narrow cabinet will work just fine.

Small size bathroom sink

If you have an option of changing your bathroom sink, go for a smaller one. This one takes less space and leaves your bathroom looking bigger.

Or Long and Narrow Sink

This one works great for a long and skinny bathroom. The counter space around the basin and the option of a shelf for extra storage below come in as an added advantage. Even less-than-petite models of sinks can give a small bathroom the illusion of space and airiness.

Make use of hanging planters

Hang plants from the ceiling or the wall right next to your shower. This helps you save valuable countertop and floor space and still looks incredibly stylish.

Do Away with Enclosures

Any kind of barrier in a room can divide it up and make the space feel smaller. This is not what you would like for your small bathroom right? Give a try to an open shower without an enclosure, this creates an ultra-modern roomier feel.

Be a Smart Organizer

Place a few baskets and trays in your bathroom cabinets or install a few hanging shelves to help you organize your toiletries and other supplies. This is a great way to keep your small bathroom tidy and more spacious.

Bathroom tiles

If you have an extra budget, change your bathroom tiles to larger ones that match your theme. Larger tiles trick the eye thus makes your bathroom look bigger.  Make your bathroom space feel less cramped by using plainer or subtly patterned tiles.

Flaunt Your Shower

Use fish scale tiles on your showers’ accent wall to elevate your bathroom in a very fine way. This way, you end up with less wall space to cover hence being cost-effective. Finish off your shower with a sleek glass door to show off your shower’s new style.

Over the Toilet Storage

Fill the space above the toilet with accessories that you can use to store your toiletries and to place your bathroom decoratives. These accessories include; a DIY ladder, reclaimed wooden shelves, DIY wooden crates shelving units, etc.


There you have it!

The 25 Elegant Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces are now at your fingertips. With these ideas, you will be able to bring out the feel and glamour that you have always wanted for your bathroom.

The only secret is to be creative and to go for what you can afford in terms of cost.

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