7 Best Flooring for Small Bathroom That Lasts

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? The seven best flooring for small bathroom that are durable as listed in this article might be of great help.

The article touches on several flooring ideas for small bathrooms that are most appropriate, durable, low-maintenance, stylish, and affordable.

With these flooring ideas, you can maximize the look of your bathroom for beauty and comfort.

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Best Flooring for a Small Bathroom

1. Ceramic Tiles

This is one of the best flooring options for a small bathroom. Ceramic tiles are presented in different solid colors, geometrical shapes as well as patterned styles a characteristic that makes them dominant in most bathrooms.

Moreover, ceramic tiles are more durable and can last for decades without degrading from flooding or wear and tear. Apart from this, ceramic tiles are more trendy and easy to clean and maintain.

However, there are a few tolerable hiccups with ceramic bathroom flooring including; it is chilly, tough and, hard to install.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Do you want to create a bathroom space that is more visually inviting? Why not try porcelain tiles for your bathroom floor?  Porcelain tiles are affordable, waterproof, durable and, easy to care for. Additionally, these tiles come in different styles and trendy colors therefore, you can easily choose how to install the tiles depending on the intended purpose. For example, install larger tiles to make your bathroom appear bigger or, create mosaic tile designs with geometric tiles for a classy look.

Just like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles have some tolerable hiccups like they are hard to install and cold.

3. Cork Tile Flooring

Is eco-friendly and, hypoallergenic products your type? Cork tiles might be what you need for your bathroom. These bathroom tiles are made from the bark of the oak tree and are resistant to mold and mildew (no worries about your small humid bathroom).

And unlike other bathroom tiles like porcelain, natural stone or, ceramic, Cork tiles are not cold (has thermal properties), are soft and spongy hence much comfortable.

4. Water- Resistant Laminate Flooring

Give your bathroom a luxurious look with water-resistant laminate flooring. These tiles are attractive, affordable, easy to install and, maintain. Also, the tiles feel comfortable underfoot and are considerably durable. In addition to this, laminate tiles mimic wood or marble since they feature an embossed texture that makes it feel like the real thing.

NB: Before you purchase your laminate tiles we recommend that you carefully read the product’s descriptions to make sure that what you choose is water-resistant.

5. Vinyl Tile Flooring

Want a traditional yet high-end appeal flooring for your bathroom? Luxury Vinyl tiles might be just what you need. These tiles are built in a way that they can withstand stains, scratch, and water damage not forgetting that they do not degrade easily.

Also, they are cheap and it is easy to find vinyl tiles that mimic natural stone, ceramic tiles, and hardwood. Vinyl tiles are easy to install(DIY) and replace but, have a poor resale value.

6. Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Although natural stone floor tiles are expensive and hard to install, they also bring out the best for your small bathroom. Natural stone floor tiles are a costly investment but, at the end of it all, they give your home a commanding presence and increases your property’s value.

Apart from this, natural stone flooring is more durable compared to other bathroom floorings and due to technological advancements, it is easy to find a sealant to preserve the tiles against stains, water damage, wear-and-tear, as well as stains.

7. Engineered wood

It is possible to have natural wood in your bathroom by use of engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood has dimensional stability ( plywood base) that enables it to withstand high moisture conditions.

Apart from its dimensional stability, engineered wood looks authentically like natural wood hence the best bathroom flooring choice for a real wood look.

Bonus: Water Proof Bathroom Carpets

Wondering if there are waterproof carpets? There are waterproof bathroom carpetsthat are made with an entire backing that prevents water from soaking through.

These carpets are great at avoiding slippery bathroom floors. They also bring out a warm- soft touch to your bathroom.


If you’re looking for new bathroom flooring ideas that are high quality and low maintenance, you won’t miss a few ideas from our wide selection of the best flooring for small bathroom that lasts in the article that you have just read.

With vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, and other tile options in almost every style, you can keep up with the trending looks without sacrificing durability.

All things considered, choose flooring options that last, easy to clean, and those that bring aesthetic appeal that you have been desiring for years.


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