Best Italian Furniture Brands and Why they Stand Out

Right from time, Italian furniture items have always been the first choice of most luxurious homeowners all over the world. The reason for this is not far-fetched. They’re sure as hell one of the most sophisticated and most durable around the world.

However, one thing can pose a bit of difficulty for many homeowners when they’re trying to make a decision on which Italian furniture to buy.

There are so many options, among which are the following popular brands (to name a few); Molteni, Cassina, Arflex, Cappellini, Zanotta, B&B Italia, Giorgetti, Natuzzi, Porro, etc.

This is why, in this article, we’ll be listing the best Italian furniture brands and why they stand out amongst the many options available.

What Are the Best Italian Furniture Brands and Why Do They Stand Out?

To give you a clearer picture of how Italian furniture became so popular and make you better appreciate them, it is only appropriate that we give you a brief history of Italian furniture. 

So, how did Italian furniture rise through the ranks at a time when the French craft reigned supreme virtually everywhere? Let’s find out together!

The History of Italian Furniture

Before the 15th century, most of what was referred to as Italian furniture were only adaptations of Greek craftsmen

However, during the Renaissance, things changed drastically.  Italian furniture was reborn and it paved the way for more contemporary styles, themes, and designs.

Things substantially improved again in the 16th and 17th centuries. Italian furniture began to set the pace for most other furniture styles and variants around the world. New styles and designs were introduced.

It was also at this time that Italian woodworkers tried to consciously model their designs on the cultures of the Middle Eastern people and this caused many to develop the courage to try out new things like carving Greek inscriptions and themes on the furniture items surfaces.

Things blew up from here and Italian furniture continued to evolve until what we now know it has today, one of the best (if not even the best) furniture we can have in our homes and offices.

The Best Italian Furniture Brands and Why they Stand Out

Since they became popular in the 15th century, many Italian furniture items have become known for their sophistication and great design.

All thanks to the unique craftsmanship of Italian woodworkers, many of us can now openly boast of having the best quality pieces of furniture in our homes and offices.

But, there’s one thing that comes with purchasing these Italian furniture pieces. It’s getting the best option that perfectly blends with the atmosphere we’re trying to create in our homes and offices.

This is why we’ve come up with a list of some of the best Italian furniture brands you can have. We’d also look at why these brands stand out among the rest and why they’d be a great fit for your home style and decor.

Here’s a list of some of the best Italian Furniture Brands and Why they Stand Out.  We’d look at their unique style, techniques, as well as quality.


1.    Roberto Cavalli Home

This  luxury design group offers a wide range of furniture and interior design accessories

They often collaborate with other specialist brands such as JC passion for furniture, Industria Emiliana Parati for wallpapers, etc.

This brand exudes sophistication. They produce an astonishing array of designs, ranging from furniture to outdoor fitting, decorative items, rugs, and even fabrics, etc.

A top pick on their catalog would be their “Aruba” sofa(s). An item of simple yet durable and extremely comfortable furniture that can be used both at home and in offices.

2.    Kartell

This is distinguished for some of its world-famous productions such as The Ghost chair by Phillipe Starke and the Bookworm shelf by Ron Arad. It’s an Italian company with unmatched technique and quality.

From furniture, furnishings, lighting, and home accessories, every product by this Italian brand has a story behind it. 

3.    Fendi Casa

The popular Italian brand belongs to the Luxury Living Group and its catalog features multiple furnishings for every area of your home decor.

Flawlessly integrating modern developments with retro details, this brand adds an elegant and inviting ambiance and brings a tiny bit of the Roman allure and style to your home or office.

Fendi Casa establishes its signature innovative sense anywhere it’s used and this is what many of the Hotels, homes, and offices around the world with this Italian furniture brand seem to always stand out among the most luxurious spaces in the world.

4.   Armani Casa

Armani Casa is one of the most luxurious made-in-Italy furniture brands out there.

This famous luxury brand blends its unique fashion perspective with the modern design pieces they so excellently produce and, for a fact, you can tell, their designs are nothing short of amazing.

Take its Pillar Dining table by Armani Casa, for example. A Simple, essential, and downright beautiful fashion item that spells, in one breathtaking view, exquisite.

Armani Casa collection designs adequately provide elegance, essentiality, and simplicity.

5.    Moroso

This aesthetics-driven company is top tier in the production of sofas, armchairs, and furnishing accessories.

Moroso adopts an artisanal approach in the production of products and concentrates on their strong creative instincts in the design of many of their products.

A typical example is their famous “secret cubic shelves,” a furniture design modeled on the stackable rhomboid module.

6.   Seletti

This brand aims at representing its customers’ vision for a unique, personal, and fun lifestyle, by blending their furniture style with daily life icons. What they do, basically with their furniture designs, is to send a message of shape and function in every piece of work they make.

This is one brand that links design with pop art culture.

7.    Edra

Edra is a brand like no other! For them at Edra, the primary concern is comfort. Despite this, they do not also fail to bring out the best furniture designs around the world.

This brand is representative of the fact that design shouldn’t hinder comfort. Rather, they should go hand in hand.

Superlative comfort, universal and timeless elegance: these are the fundamental characteristics of Edra. The sofas, armchairs, and all other products of the Edra collections are designed for your absolute pleasure.

Incorporating modern technology with artistic tradition, Edra’s Collection is the result of a blend of talent for invention and peculiar craftsmanship.

8.   Zanotta

Zenotta produces a range of tremendous furniture designs that are symbolic from the viewpoint of formal innovation and technological research. Zanotta continues to strive for the advancement of quality in its production processes.

Of all the furniture in their catalog, the ones that stand out are their Beds, from

The Box, Florin, Milano, Greg & Greta, and the Milleunanotte. All come with distinct designs tailored to meet a vast range of customers’ tastes and preferences.

9.   B&B Italian

B&B Italian’s products have continuously contributed to the history of Italian design. This brand solidifies the “Made in Italy” trademark and has sold to different international markets (over 800 stores, in almost 80 countries ).

B&B Italian furniture collections express contemporary culture and the potential to respond quickly to ever-changing lifestyles, habits, and requirements.

B&B crafts amazing sofas, tables, armchairs, and storage units.

Take their Camaleonda for example, a 90 x 90 cm seat module, with backrests and armrests that provide enough space for enough people with a feel of comfort and relaxation.


  1. Why Are Italian Furniture So Expensive?

Italian furniture is not exactly expensive when you think about its sophisticated structure as well as the quality materials these brands use in making their items. Beyond the quality and sophisticatedness, you’d also want to look at the story behind many Italian brands and even Italian furniture as a whole.

Italian furniture is more than a style of furniture, it’s a combination of a people’s history, culture, and lifestyle.

Italian furniture pieces are an investment. They will survive the test of time and can be passed down from generation to generation.

  1. Is Italian Furniture Quality?

Yes. these furnitures items are of high quality. They didn’t rise through the rank for their sophisticatedness alone but their low maintenance cost as well as the fact that they never really go out of style.

  1. What Are Italian Furniture Items Made of?

This varies with style, whether Classic or Modern. However, most Italian Furniture items are usually made of bronze, wood and accented with precious metals, tortoiseshell, and ivory details.


Just in case you have been wondering what kind of Italian furniture you need. There you have it; a list of some of the Best Italian furniture brands you can have in your space.

Keep in mind that the names on this list are not arranged in any particular order. They’re only a few of the best Italian brands out there.

We’ve carefully put this list together to better help you make the best decisions on great furniture items. We hope it’d come in handy when you eventually decide to make your intended purchase.